New Non-Capital Bank ATM Fee Refund Method

First 4 non-Capital Bank ATM withdrawals will be fee free regardless of its amount!

Capital Bank continues to provide customers with up to 4 free non-Capital Bank ATM withdrawals each month, AND NOW, there is no longer an $8 cap for those withdrawal fee reimbursements!

Please keep in mind that:

  • You will no longer see a credit back to your account for the ATM fee reimbursement. Rather, the fee will not be assessed to you at all.
  • If you are at an ATM not owned by Capital Bank that will assess a fee for a cash withdrawal, you can accept that fee with the knowledge that Capital Bank will pay the fee, if the withdrawal is one of the first 4 in any one month.

For Example:

You go to an ATM to withdraw $20 and you see the fee for this withdrawal is $3. You accept the fee and get your money and while your receipt will show a $23 transaction, only a $20 withdrawal will appear on your statement.

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