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Information On Identity Theft and Other Scams:

Capital Bank takes the security of customer information seriously.  Many of our business clients also have personal information about their customers and vendors in their offices on PC's, file cabinets, desks, laptops, USB thumbdrives, etc.  This is information essential to your ability to provide services to your customers, but which may also be valuable to an identity thief.  We provide you with the following resources to learn more about what you can do to protect the information about your customers, vendors and others and prevent that information from falling into the wrong hands.

 Here are some recommendations and steps to take from Capital Bank.  Please click here.

Use Capital Bank ATMs with confidence.  

Our  ATM network runs on an application from Intel which allows each ATM to operate as its own mini-computer; it is not susceptible to the Microsoft Windows XP operating system sunset.  This allows us to maintain and update our security protocols as necessary – ensuring information security at Capital Bank ATMs.

Capital Bank’s debit cards are issued with the MasterCard logo which now allows customers to sign up for MasterCard Identity Theft Alerts.  When compromised data is discovered, cardholders receive a real-time email alert and are advised to immediately contact an Identity Theft Specialist to understand what personal information may have been exposed, and the remediation steps the cardholder should take to reduce the associated identity theft and fraud risks.

Cardholders may enroll for MasterCard Identity Theft Alerts at and select which personal information they would like monitored. The information MasterCard Identity Theft Alerts can monitor includes credit, debit, small business, and certain reloadable prepaid cards (MasterCard or other), Social Security, Social Security number, driver’s license, passport number, bank account information, email addresses, and medical information.

 Here are several links for documents and a tutorial provided by the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.  There are additional links from these sites that you may find valuable*: 

* Capital Bank does not endorse or guaranty the products, information, or recommendations provided by sites linked to the Bank's web site and Capital Bank is not liable for any failure of products or services linked to the Bank's web site. Please carefully review the privacy policies of web sites linked to Capital Bank's web site. Web site security of linked web sites may be less than the security found on Capital Bank's web site.

For information on how to protect your own personal information and resources to learn about identity theft and other scams, what you can do to prevent becoming a victim and action steps to take if you should become a victim of identity theft, we offer the following links*:


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