Capital Bank - Things We Believe In


  • Be honest and sincere when dealing with customers and fellow employees.
  • Be fair. Offer fair pricing to customers, fair compensation to employees and fair returns to customers.
  • Find a way to say "yes". Be creative and innovative in addressing customer needs and controlling the cost of Bank operations.
  • Admire business owners for the risks that they take and the effort they put into building their firms. They create jobs and wealth in our community and deserve our support.
  • Play by the rules. Banking is a regulated business, governed by laws, regulations and policies that must be observed.
  • Be accountable. Deliver what you promise, no matter what it takes.
  • Develop our officers and employees. Enhancing their skills results in improved customer service, greater job satisfaction and upward mobility.
  • Give back to the community. Volunteer and provide financial support for worthwhile charities and civic organizations.
  • Respect the environment. Design operations to minimize the Bank's carbon footprint.
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